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Biographies of our Champions


The History of our Ski School

The Azzurra Cortina Ski School was established in December of 1979, thanks to the purpose of four ski instructors and formers of the Italian National Ski Team

The purpose was to create a ski school of prestige, with instructors who have had very successful athletic carrers and a technical formation of top level.

Therefore alsofederal trainers and ski professors (the teachers of the ski instrucors), alpine guides and other additional specializations that characterize a high quality of professionality.

In fact these are still the requirements to be admitted as member of the Azzurra Cortina Ski School. Thanks to the reputation of its founding members, the Azzurra Cortina Ski School had a big success already from the beginning.


Bruno Alberti, winner of 6 titles of Italian Ski Champion and participant to the Olympic Games, winner of one edition of the famous ” Kandahr “Kitzbuhel, trainer for many years of the Italian National Ski, ” spirit ” of our ski school;

Gildo Siorpaes, another Italian Ski champion and trainer of the Italian Ski Team, has been always the great “engine” of the school;

Giovanni Dibona, Italian Ski Champion in Slalom, personage of relief in the international ski world.;

Renzo Zandegiacomo: it has gained 2 titles of Italian Ski Champion of Giant Slalom and has made part of the famous ” blue avalanche”, the famous successful Italian Ski Team of Gustav Thoeni and Piero Gros.  He has gained the title of Italian Ski Instructor champion for 8 times, World Ski Instructor champion for 1 time; he won once the title of World Champion at the World Military Ski Championship, too.

Moreover, these instructors has gained the title of Italian Ski Instructor Champion: Giovanna Tiezza (7 times, 1 world-champion title), Barbara Frizzarin (3 times), Carmen Rosoleni, Mara Tiezza and Nicola Cherubin (1 time). Walter Dimai gained once the tiltle of Italian Juniors Ski Champion.


The Azzurra Cortina Ski School has earned 16 Italian titles for ski schools at the National SkiInstructor Championship.

In the year of its foundation, the members were 10;

actually (2014) our group is composed by 40 ski instructors. Among them, 20 national ski federation trainers, 5 national ski professors (the “the teachers of the ski instructors”), 8 ski intructors with other specializations.

Some our ski instructors have always been working as trainers for the local Ski Club that gave us champions in the past and the present, like Alberto Ghezze, Edoardo Zardini, Wendy Siorpaes.

Our directors, since when this role was created: Gildo Siorpaes (1979-82/84-94), Giovanni Dibona (1982-84), Fabio Zardini (1994-97) e Walter Girardi (1997 – actual).

Vicedirectors: Ruggero Ghedina (1990-94), Francesca Siorpaes (1994-97), Lorenzo Zardini (1997-2011), Carmen Rosoleni (2011- 2014), Michele Di Gallo (2014 – actual).